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W elcome to our new collection of domestic tours right in our backyard, we call them “Ciclismo Close to Home”. While we love European cycling, we also love the abundant and stunning riding right here in the United States and Canada. We ride here often and are excited to explore and share with you a series of breathtaking, domestic cycling trips. There are so many gorgeous places to ride right here that it was hard to choose where to start!

All of our Ciclismo Close to Home, domestic bike tours are based out of stunning remote locations in New Hampshire, Maine, New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Canada.  Like our European tours, these tours are a perfect blend of gorgeous scenery and cultural immersion.

Whether you want to ride for one day or 6, we a domestic bike tour for everyone!

Bicycling is emerging as one of the most healthy and popular social distancing activities. We see 2022 as being the great “Renaissance of cycling” as people turn to safe, simple, and healthier ways to live and interact with the world around them. This might be the perfect opportunity to get outside as much as possible and fully embrace this delightful mode of recreation.

With 33 years as the pioneers and leaders of Bicycle Travel, we have set the bar high and are proud and excited to lead the way and to continue to transform lives, one pedal stroke at a time, whether we are in Europe or pedaling the quiet roads Close to Home.

Our Ciclismo Close to Home Collection

4-5 Day Fully Supported Domestic Bicycle Vacations: The perfect blend of Ciclismo Magic: gorgeous scenery, foodie experiences, and cultural immersion led by guides who are native and expert to each region.

Operated exclusively by Ciclismo Classico:

To deliver the most authentic and high-quality experience, in addition to operating our own Ciclismo Bicycle Vacations, we are partnering with local bicycle tour operators to give you the most unique Close to Home, domestic bike tour itineraries.

Want to put together your own Close to Home Private Pedaling Pod? Start planning now! Contact Director Lauren Hefferon to create a custom tour:  617-640-4837

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Ciclismo Your Way

Don’t see what you’re looking for among any of our existing itineraries? We can create a trip just for you!

In light of COVID-19, our 2020/2021 tours will take all the necessary steps to keep our guests and guides safe and healthy.  We will also strictly follow tourism guidelines.

For your peace of mind and safety , each tour will adhere to the following:

Safety Protocols

  • In addtion to being tested before each tour, Ciclismo Classico staff will abide by all state and federal guidelines related to health and safety requirements for businesses reopening (as pertains to COVID-19).

  • The guides will, on a daily basis, remind everyone to use good hygiene, wash their hands, use hand sanitizers, avoid touching people unnecessarily, sneeze into tissues, etc.

  • Ciclismo Classico will encourage social distancing of six feet.

  • If guests or Ciclismo staff exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough, shortness of breath), they must self-isolate for the remainder of the trip.

Guest Supplies

To enable guests to feel safe, Ciclismo Classico will provide everyone with an unlimited supply of travel-size containers of:

  • Disinfectant wipes

  • Hand sanitizers (at least 60 percent alcohol)

  • Tissues

  • Face masks (if requested)


To ensure that guests feel safe traveling in our support vehicles:

  • Where possible, Ciclismo Classico will provide two vans for the transfers (to promote social distancing).

  • The guides will ensure that all interior surfaces, door handles, safety belts, etc. are wiped down with disinfectant on a daily basis.

  • All vans will be equipped with disinfectant wipes & hand sanitizer for anyone to use (this was actually the case before COVID-19).

  • When guides deliver luggage to rooms, they will wash their hands before handling luggage (or wear protective gloves).


Because the guides are constantly handling the bikes:

  • Guides will wear protective gloves when loading or unloading bikes from the van and/or trailer.

  • Guides will wear protective gloves when refilling water bottles for the guests.

  • Request that guests not touch other people’s bikes and/or belongings.

  • Request that guests not cycle too close to each other to enable social distancing.

Provision of snacks during the day

  • Guides to purchase only single-serving snacks, individually wrapped (thus preventing cross-contamination between guests).


Since we eat at restaurants several times a day, Ciclismo Classico will ensure ahead of time that:

  • Each restaurant is following a safety protocol (if required by the CDC or state authorities), which may require that employees are properly outfitted with masks and/or gloves and that tables are situated far enough apart.

  • Encourage guests to wash their hands when they arrive at the restaurant.

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